Technically known as the “Executive Committee” or “EC”, but commonly referred to as the ExCom, this committee is established in accordance with the Chapter Bylaws. It handles the logistics of the organization and allows membership meetings to be held without extensive administrative matters to be dealt with. It provides for the planning, organizing, and coordinating activities that are essential to the effective conduct of programs and the accomplishment of the goals of the Chapter. Membership of the ExCom consists of the elected officers plus the immediate past-president. Any member of the Chapter is welcome to attend meetings of the ExCom and may address its members. Meetings are generally held on the first Monday of the month.

2018 ExCom Members


Robert McGuire

Mike Buff

Ron Peck

Doug Walsh

Jim Stone

Albert Myers

Dwight Elam

Randy Moody

Wes Higgins

Lewis Elliott

Ken Tabler

Committee Meetings

Administration & Planning